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Learn English Story: Sea Lions

Common long E spellings are EE, E_E (e with a silent e nearby), Y as a last letter and EA. Note that both Y and EA have 3 sounds each. Examples of Y sounds are in "year," "happy" and "try." Examples of EA sounds are in "sea," "head" and "break."

sea lions
1. These sea lions are sitting on rocks.

2. It is a sunny day.

3. The sea lions feel heat from the sun.

4. They have shiny fur because they're wet.

5. Their fur is sleek, not heavy.

6. With sleek
fur, they swim quickly.

7. The water is clear green.

8. There are three birds behind the sea lions.

Answer the Questions

1. Where are the sea lions?

2. What do they feel from the sun?

3. What kind of fur do they have?

4. What color is the water?


1. They are on rocks.

2. They feel heat.

3. They have shiny and sleek fur.

4. The water is clear green.

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