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Learn English Poem: Two White Birds

Study Long I sounds with this short poem. Remember: Long I sounds like the name of the letter I. It is spelled with "igh" (with gh silent), "i_e" and sometimes with "y." For further practice, ask and answer questions about the poem with an instructor.

two white birds

Two White Birds

1. Two white birds are in the light.

2. The bigger bird is on the right.

3. Every day they stand side by side.

4. Their beaks are long, their feet are wide.

5. Their feathers shine.

6. Their eyes are fine.

7. Many times, they dive.

8. They take fish and fly.

Answer the Questions

1. Where is the bigger bird?

2. What are their feet like?

3. How are their eyes?

4. What do they eat?

see answers below


1. The bird is on the right.

2. Their feet are wide.

3. Their eyes are fine.

4. They eat fish.

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