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Learn English Stories: The Dolphin

Use this story to review short vowel sounds.



1. This big dolphin is jumping.

2. He is jumping out of the water.

3. It is a sunny day.

4. Two boys and a girl are on the stage.

5. They are clapping.

6.  When they clap, the dolphin jumps.

7.  They wear green and yellow swimsuits.

8.  Sometimes, they swim with the dolphins.

9.  They get trained to do this safely.

10.  Dolphins are good, but big.

11. It is best to be careful with big animals.

12. Many people watch the show and clap.


Answer the Questions

1. What is jumping out of the water?

2. What are the people doing?

3. What do the people do sometimes?

4. Why do the people get trained?

5. Can you swim?

6. Do you like dolphins?


1. A dolphin is jumping.

2. The people are clapping.

3. They swim with the dolphins.

4. They get trained to be safe.

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