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Learn English Stories: Bad Day

Speaking with Rhythm 2

Practice your English pronunciation by reading the story and saying the words (or syllables) in bold print with a little more time. You can also say these words a little bit louder. Then say the other words more quickly. This helps to give your speech rhythm.

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 Bad Day  

1.  This is a woman.

2.  She is looking down.

3.  She has short hair.

4. She wears a sleeveless shirt.

5.  The shirt has a collar.

6.  She wears shorts .

7.  She wears sneakers, but no socks.

8.  She carries a medium-sized purse.

9.  She seems tired.

10. Maybe she had a bad day.


Answer the Questions

1. Where is she looking?

2. What is she wearing?

3. What is she carrying?

4. How does she seem?

See answers below.


1. She is looking down.
2. She is wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts.
3. She carries a medium-sized purse.
4. She seems tired.

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