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Learn English Story: Sea Turtle

The --tion sound is "shun." This is a suffix, so it always comes at the end of a word. Notice "ocean" also has this sound, though in this word the spelling is unusual.

sea turtle

1. This is a sea turtle.

2. Sea turtles live in the ocean.

3. For respiration, they swim up.

4. They take an exhalation and inhalation.

5. Under water, they eat vegetation.

6. Every year, they make migrations.

7. They lay eggs in the sand.

8. Incubation takes 2 months.

9. Little turtles are born.

10. Their shells are their protection.

Answer the questions:

1. How many words have --tion?

2. What is respiration?

3. What do turtles do every year?

4. What do shells give turtles?

See answers below.


1. Seven words have -tion.
2. Respiration is breathing.
3. They make migrations.
4. Shells give turtles protection.

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