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Learn English Story: Kayaking

Which T sounds change in this story?



These people are having fun in the water.

2. They put on safety jackets.

3. The boat that is going fast is yellow.

4. The boat that is going slowly is white.

5. A woman in a white shirt is waiting for her turn.

6. Everyone gets wet in the boats.

7. The woman in the white shirt is wet already.

8. It is Saturday. People go to parks and relax.

Answer the Questions

1. What do the people put on?

2. Which boat is going fast?

3. What is the woman in the white shirt waiting for?

4. What day is it?

See answers below.


1. People put on safety jackets.

2. The yellow boat is going fast.

3. The woman is waiting for her turn.

4. It is Saturday.

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