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Learn English Story: The Deer

Which T sounds are reduced in this story? Remember that T = D between vowel sounds. T before N might sound like a hard N only.
T after N can be silent. Hmmm ... what do you see here?

deer and mountain

1. This little deer is on a mountain.

2. The deer is eating leaves from a bush.

3. Everything is beautiful now.

4. Many animals are eating leaves, berries, nuts and grass.

5. When it is colder, they will live on the lower parts of the mountain.

6. During the winter, food is limited.

7. Only the smartest animals live well in the winter.

8. City people like to visit the mountain.

9. They get a lot of pictures and drive home.

10. Then they look at their pictures on computers.

Answer the Questions

1. Where is the deer?

2. What are many animals eating?

3. Which animals live well in the winter?

4. What do city people get when they visit the mountain?


1. The deer is on the mountain.

2. They eat leaves, berries, nuts and grass.

3. The smartest animals live well.

4. City people get pictures.

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