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Learn English Stories: The Little Girl's Feelings

Use these stories to practice L and R sounds. In American English pronunciation, the L is not as important in the middle or at the end of a word. For the R sound, remember that we do not trill it. It is a flat sound we make by putting the sides of our tongue into a small U-shape. The tongue is a little tight. The back of the throat is a little tight also. Unlike British English, ALL R's are pronounced: beginning, middle or end.

little girl

1.  This a little girl and her mother.

2. The girl has straight hair.

3.  The mother has curly hair.

4.  The little girl has a sleeveless shirt.

5.  The mother has a short-sleeved shirt.

6.  They are not wearing jewelry.

7. The mother is looking to the right.

8.  The little girl is feeling peaceful.

Answer the Questions

1. How is the girl's hair?

2. How is the mother's hair?

3. Are they wearing jewelry?

4. How is the little girl feeling?

See answers below.


1. The girl's hair is straight.

2. The mother's hair is curly.

3. No, they are not.

4. She is feeling peaceful.

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