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Study English: ESL Intermediate Story

Read this story, then practice verbs, the difference between present and present continous, below.

The Man in the Blue Car

blue car

Verb Practice

Every time or every day

Present Continuous:
Now or Soon in the Future

I drive

I'm driving

I sleep

I'm sleeping

I get up

I'm getting up

I work

I'm working

I go

I'm going

I help

I'm helping

I see


I like


I have

I'm having

I use

I’m using

* people don't usually say "I'm seeing" or "I'm liking."

Choose the missing words. Use the chart above.

1. (drive) Every morning, ___  _________ to work.

2. (sleep) Please go away. _____  ___________.

3. (get up)  Yes, I hear the alarm clock. _____  _______________ now.

4. (work) ___  _________ at a hotel in downtown.

5. (go)  I am late. ____  ________ in fifteen minutes.

6. (help) Always, ___  _______ my mother with the grocery shopping.

7. (see) Outside the window, ___  _______ a garden.

8. (like)  ___   _______ to eat spaghetti.

9. (have) What am I doing? ___  ________ lunch.

10. (use) On the weekends, ___  ________ the computers at the library.

See answers below.

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Answers: 1. I drive, 2. I'm sleeping, 3. I'm getting up, 4. I work, 5. I'm going, 6. I help, 7. I see, 8. I like, 9. I'm having, 10. I use