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The Park in Spring

1. During the advent of spring, the park is a beautiful place.

2. The flowers are in bloom and the trees are full of leaves.

3. People sit on benches or blankets. They read books.

4. Children run around freely and shout with delight.

5. Some people find amusement by throwing a frisbee back and forth.

6. Other people throw balls for their dogs to fetch.

7. Teenagers play volleyball or soccer.

8. The gardens are developed by the city.

9. Landscapers trim the bushes and water the flowers.

10. It is amazing. People come together at the park.


Answer the questions:

1. Which park activities are in the story?

A.  frisbee, volleyball and football
B. baseball, reading and frisbee
C. reading, frisbee and soccer
D. running, hiking and swimming

2. Why do people go to parks?

A. to work on the gardens
B. to relax outside
C. to work for the city
D. to become landscapers

3. Match the words with their meanings.

advent                         a. wonderful
delight                        b. an arrival
amusement                  c. to create, to expand
develop                       d. happiness
amazing                       e. being pleased

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answers: 1. c, 2. b, 3. advent: b, delight: d, amusement: e, develop: c, amazing: a