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Learn English: ESL Intermediate Story

The Indian Tourists

1. This family is visiting northeast India. They are from another part of India. You can tell because the women wear saris (say SARees). In the northeast, women wear another dress called a jaińsem (say JANsum).

2. They are intrigued by the northeast. There is more rain and greenery here. Today they visit a place called The Elephant Falls. The mother of  the family proposed that they come here. She only had to show them a few pictures to persuade everyone. It's a beautiful place.

3. The falls are beautiful all year, but they are smaller during the dry season. During the rainy season, the Monsoon, heavy rains replace the waters. The falls are restored and flow in huge bursts of water. Many people visit then.

4. The Elephant Falls were named by the British for a rock that looked like an elephant. That rock fell apart in an earthquake over a hundred years ago.


Indian tourists

Answer the Questions:

1. What are these women wearing?

A. jaińsems

B. dresses

C. saris 

D. skirts and blouses

2. Why are the falls called The Elephant Falls?

A. they are named for a rock that looked like an elephant

B. there are two falls that look like elephant ears

C. there is a rock that looks like an elephant

D. the British proposed the name because they like elephants


3. When are do the falls flow the fastest?

A. during the dry season

B. during the sunny season

C. all the time

D. during the rainy season


4. What does "intrigue" mean?

A. to  be nice

B. to be interesting

C. to be terrible

D. to be very fast

5. What does "persuade" mean?

A. to listen 

B. to listen carefully

C. to talk loudly

D. to talk into

6. What does "propose" mean?

A. to give an idea, suggest

B. to do on purpose, make

C. to propel somewhere

D. to put up with

7. What is the difference between restore and replace?

A. restore means store and replace means place

B. restore means to put back as it was and replace means to change for something new

C. restore means to put up with and replace means to put down

D. restore means to make like new and replace means to make old

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answers: 1. c, 2. a, 3. d, 4. b, 5. d, 6. a, 7. b