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TOEFL words. Study and answer questions below.

Get more practice with the story: The Klipspringer.

scenic (SEEnik): adj. - offering good views, having beauty in the view

We stayed at a scenic hotel in Germany. We loved the view of the city streets.
Mountain passes are great tourist attractions. They are naturally scenic.

peculiar (peCYUlyr): adj - strange, having unusual qualities

I think that man is peculiar. I would not trust what he says.
The artist has many peculiar hobbies. The hobbies help him to make interesting art.

agile (Ajī-ul): adj - being able to move easily

Gymnasts have to be agile. Their bodies cannot be stiff.
I watched as the agile cat leapt over the neighbor's fence.

distinguish (disTINGgwish): verb - to set apart by differences, to tell the differences between things.

He could not distinguish between blue and green. They said he was color-blind.
After 10 years apart, she could not distinguish her husband from his friend.
plentiful (PLENtiful): adj -- having plenty, having enough

There were plentiful foods at the banquet. Everyone ate well.
Don't worry. I'll provide plentiful snacks at the party.

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. She stretches every day because she wants to remain _________________.

2. He doesn't like coffee very much, and he cannot _______________ good coffee from bad coffee.

3. The flowers in her yard are ________________, but there is not much grass.

4. We visited many _________________ spots in Hawaii.

5. Her cat is very _________________. It doesn't like milk, and it never chases birds.

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