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TOEFL vocabulary. Study the words and answer the questions.

Get more practice with the story: Penguins.

Stress the 1st Syllable
intrigue (INtreeg): noun - drama, mystery and suspense
The movie had a lot of intrigue. The main character was a spy who betrayed her friends.

mirror (MIrer): noun - a place where you see your reflection; verb: being or doing the same thing as another
She looks in the mirror before going to school. She smiles to make sure there is no food between her teeth.

particle (PARdikul): noun - a very small thing or very small part of a thing
There are many particles of dust in the air. I feel like I will sneeze.

Stress the 2nd Syllable 
abroad (uh-BRAHD): noun - out of one's own country

We're going abroad next year. We plan to visit Japan and China.
advice (ud-VIS): noun - ideas given to assist another person
I welcome your advice. Any ideas you have could help me to make a wise decision.
Stress the 3rd Syllable

disapproval (disuhPROOvul): noun -  dislike or lack of acceptance
He expressed his disapproval of the new governor's budget. 

Practice Using These Nouns (the answers are at the bottom of the page)

1. There were ________________ of chalk on the sidewalk for a week.

2. My friend is acting strange. I need _______________ on what to do.

3. We're travelling _______________ this summer. We will visit London.

4. Life does not have to be full of ________________. You can live simply, without too many difficulties.

5. She placed a ______________ on her dressing table.

6. The senator spoke with ________________ about the tax increase.

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1. particles, 2. advice, 3. abroad, 4. intrigue, 5. mirror, 6. disapproval

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