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TOEFL practice. Study the words and fill in the blanks below.

Get more practice with the story: Baby Canary.

annoy (uh-NOY), verb: to do little things that make another person unhappy, with or without knowing it

The girl annoyed her little brother by playing music every morning at 6am.]

anticipate (an-TI-si-pate), verb: to expect/predict that something will happen

He anticipated that customs would take half an hour, but it only took 15 minutes.

appeal (uh-PEEL), verb: to ask very politely, almost to beg, 2. to request something a 2nd time after the 1st attempt failed

He appealed to her sense of right and wrong, and encouraged her to do the right thing.
They appealed his case to a higher court.

confirm (cun-FIRM), verb: to show/state that something is certain

I scheduled our meeting for 10am tomorrow. Please confirm your participation by the end of today.
The website confirmed our reservation.

Fill in the word:

1. They will __________ the appointment by email.

2. The terrible language used by the boy on the bus really _________ me.

3. I think we can _______________ good results. Everything has been good so far.

4. She __________ to my sense of justice, but I don't think she wants the right thing.

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answers: 1. confirm, 2. annoyed, 3. anticipate, 4. appealed

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