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TOEFL vocabulary. Study the words and answer questions below.

Practice more by reading the story: Indian Cat.

benefit (BEN-e-fit), noun:  a good quality, a good extra that comes from something

There are many health benefits from exercise.

buffet (Buf-ay), noun: a meal that has many choices--you choose what you want

I went to the Indian buffet for lunch. I had butter chicken, spinach and rice pudding. 

conceal (cun-SEEL), verb: to hide

The small bird concealed herself by flying into a leafy busy.

depend on (de-PEND on), verb: 1. to rely on another's help, 2. to rely on circumstances

Everything depends on the weather. If it is sunny, we will have an outdoor birthday party, but if it is rainy, we will have the party indoors.

notice (NO-dis), verb: to see and know of something, to be aware of

My sister always notices dust because she has allergies.

Fill in the missing words. Answers are below:

1. She might become class president, but it ____________________ her competition. 

2. My father says there are many ______________ to cleaning house, but I think he just wants me to clean.

3. My little brother tried to ______________ himself under the bed, but I found him easily,

4. The next door neighbors are having a big party. They are having a _____________ because there will be so many people eating dinner.

5. She felt embarassed when everyone _________________ her braces, but that only lasted for a couple days.

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answers: 1. depends on, 2. benefits, 3. conceal 4. buffet, 5. noticed

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