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TOEFL Vocabulary: study the words and answer questions below.

Practice more with the story: Rabbit Gathering.

blind (BLIND): adj--cannot see, being unable to see

Newborn kittens are blind until their eyes open.
Many crosswalks have beeping sounds so that blind people can use them.

Clever (CLEvr): adj--intelligent

His clever speech helped him to win the class president election.
The clever dog learned how to open the door with his mouth.

Gain (GAIN): verb--to get, to get something in addition

It is easy to gain weight if you eat sugar.
Our basketball team has gained 10 points. They might win the game!

Sensitive (SEN-si-div): adj--easily sensing or feeling things

She cries easily because she is sensitive, but she never cries for very long.
My mother could hear a bird in a bush outside the kitchen window. She had very sensitive ears.

Weak (WEEK): adj--not strong

He was very weak when he had the flu. He was in bed all day.
Usually my arms are strong, but since I haven't exercised in a while, I feel weak.

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. My grandmother says that she is more ______________ than she used to be. She remembers old times and cries.

2. If the team can ______________ three points, they have a chance. If they can't, the game's over.

3. I wish I was more _______________. I cannot figure out this game.

4. My cousin was ______________. We used to take him to the movies and whisper the story as it happened.

5. A stray cat came to our door. He was very _____________, so we gave him some food. He has stayed with us ever since.

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1. sensitive, 2. gain, 3. clever, 4. blind, 5. weak

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