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TOEFL exam vocabulary. Study the words and answer questions below.

Get more practice with the story: Monkeys.

tightly (TIT-lee): adv--with grip, pulling inward, closely

He tightly grabbed my hand.
She tightly held onto the jungle gym bars.

precarious (pre-CARE-ee-us): adj--dangerous, uncertain

I used to climb trees. I never knew how precarious it was until I almost fell.
"This is a precarious situation," the FBI agent said.

limber (LIM-ber): adj--able to bend easily, flexible

Many athletes have to be limber to compete in their sports.
She was limber when did she did yoga, but she isn't now.

dramatic (dru-MA-dic): adj-- having a big, often emotional, effect

The actress won an award for her dramatic performance as a ballet dancer.
Stop being dramatic. Your grades will get better if you do your homework.

elaborate (ee-LA-bor-ut): adj--having a lot of detail, complex

We don't need to have elaborate plans for our vacation. Let's just go and hang out.
He created an elaborate story to explain his lie. He mixed up a few details, though, and was found out.

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. When the little boy was afraid, he ____________ hugged his mother.

2. She wrote a story and created an ______________ new world.

3. My sister is always _________________. She thinks everything is overly important and emotional!

4. When the family was about to get eaten by monsters in the movie--that was a _______________ moment!

5.  Dancers are usually ______________. They have to be able to move in all different ways.

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1. tightly, 2. elaborate, 3. dramatic, 4. precarious, 5. limber

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