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TOEFL vocabulary. Study the words and answer questions below.

Get more practice with the story: Pike's Market.

Appealing (uhPEEling): adj - pleasing to the senses

That food smells appealing. Let's eat!
He thought the college was not very appealing. He's going to visit other schools.

Appropriate (uhPROpriut): adj - good for the occasion, right for the time and place

It is wise to wear appropriate clothes to a job interview.

Attractive (uhTRAKtiv): adj - having good features, either physically or symbolically

The job offer was very attractive. I have never been offered so much vacation time. 
The little baby was very attractive. Everyone was enjoying her bright smile.

Autonomous (ahTAHnumus): adj - independent, from one's own doing, related to one person

Her autonomous work created great results. Everyone was impressed.

Complex (cumPLEX): adj - having many sides or points for consideration, either physically or symbolically

People want world peace, but the world is very complex. Every nation has a different government, a different culture and different advantages. 

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. He likes to be _________________. He doesn't like working on teams.

2. Is this tie _______________? Or is it too formal?

3. I thought the theatrical performance was very ____________. There were so many colorful backdrops, and the actors were great.

4. That book describes science in a ____________ way. You may want to read an easier book first.

5. There were many _____________ dogs at the dog show. Their owners put a lot of time into their looks.

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1. autonomous, 2. appropriate, 3. appealing, 4. complex, 5. attractive

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