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TOEFL words. Study and answer questions below. 

Get more practice with the story: The Man in the Blue Car.

Ancestor (ANsestr): noun--a relative from long ago

His ancestors are from China.
Her ancestors are from Russia and Sweden.

Clever (CLEvr): adj--intelligent

Parots are clever birds. They can imitate speech.
He is the most clever person in his class.

Endure (enDOOR): verb--to put up with, to deal with

Many people had to endure poverty during the Great Depression.
It can be difficult to endure an illness.

Face (FAS): noun: the place of the eyes, nose and mouth; verb: to turn one's face toward or to deal with something directly

The two fighters faced each other before the match.
She was in a car accident, and she had to face many challenges to recover her health.
Interpret (inTERpret): verb--to put in one's own words or ideas

He can speak Mandarin Chinese, so he always finds work as an interpreter.
I could not interpret the meaning of the painting, but my friend seemed to like it.

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. She has to ______________ her competitor tomorrow. They are both great karate champions.

2. Stop trying to be _________________. Just say something simple.

3. You look Asian. Where are your ________________ from?

4. I am trying to _______________ the Spanish poem, but some words do not directly translate.

5. People have experienced wars, poverty and loss. It is amazing how much people can ______________.

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