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TOEFL vocabulary: study the words and answer questions below.

Get more practice with the story: Capybaras.
exceptional (ekSEPshunul): adj--unusual, extraordinary, something that is an exception

His attendance is exceptional. He never missed a day all year.
That's an exceptional sweater. It's beautiful, and I haven't seen another one like it.

coarse (CORS): adj--harsh, bristly, not soft, also with behavior, as in "coarse speech."

Of all the dogs you can choose, why pick this one? The fur is so coarse!
The man was speaking in a coarse way, so I stayed away from him.

shallow (SHAlow): adj. - not deep, also with behavior: not thoughtful

Let's go to the shallow end of the pool. I cannot swim very well.
I thought the movie was shallow. I don't want to see it again.

advantage (adVANtij): noun: something that is good, beneficial

You should be able to get the job. You know people there and that is to your advantage.
When people buy cars, they think of the advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle.

deplete (dePLEET): verb--to decrease greatly

People recycle and conserve so as not to deplete the earth's resources.

Practice: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. People can _____________ water reservoirs during a drought. Then they have to regulate their water use.

2. My grandmother's hair used to be ______________, but it became softer when it turned from gray to white.

3. You have a lot of good friends. That's to your ___________________.

4. He is an _________________ swimmer. He can swim for a long time without getting tired.

5. I don't like that politician. I think everything he says is _____________ and not to the point.

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1. deplete, 2. coarse, 3. advantage, 4. exceptional, 5. shallow

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