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Grammar and Idioms For Young People

Idioms: Colorful

Watch the video and hear the idioms used in a conversation. These idioms are a little more interesting than the "everyday idioms," but they are still very commonly used.

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A: Hi. So, tell me your news!

B: Well, my friend and I are actually going to hit the road this summer with our singing act.

A: Are you kidding! You mean that you're going to perform in different towns? You're such a silly goose!

B: Well, we've worked out the kinks, and we're ready to step up to the plate. I mean, if you don't give something a shot, how can you ever know if you would've been successful?

A: For crying out loud! No one's going to give you the time of day.

B: Hmmm. Have you ever heard of following your dreams? That's my rule of thumb.

A: O.K., fine. Rumor has it there are plenty of places to play in Siberia.

B: Maybe I will. You've got to start somewhere.

rule of thumb: a general rule or a rule to live by

give (someone) the time of day: show that you notice someone (usually used negatively--"she never gives me the time of day." The implication is that the person would not even acknowledge you if you asked "what time is it?"

work out the kinks: to finalize the small details, comes from getting small knots (kinks) out of the muscles

step up to the plate: (from baseball) to do what you can, to take on a needed role

give it a shot: give it a try, try something (though "shot" is used, this is a positive expression of attempting effort)

rumor has it that ... : a light or humorous way of saying someone knows something, could be anything.

... in Siberia: means somewhere remote or far away, picked up by Americans from the cold war with Russia

for crying out loud: said as exclamation, "For crying out loud!" This means that something is so crazy or frustrating, you want to cry out loud.

silly goose: exclamation used when someone is silly, only used for friends and family

hit the road: go on a tour, either for business, artistic projects or extended travel; can also be used to say one is simply leaving, i.e. "oh, it's already 11pm! We have to hit the road."

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