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Learn English: The Kitchen

Study the words in the picture. Practice by reading the sentences.

Read the Sentences

1. The cupboard is on the wall.

2. The paper towels are under the cupboard.

3. The scrubber is next to the sink.

4. The sponge is next to the scrubber.

5. The sink is gray.

6. A carton of eggs is by the sink.

7. The dishwasher is white.

8. The drawer is open.

kitchen sink


Answer the Questions

1. Where is the cupboard?

2. Where is the scrubber?

3. What color is the sink?

4. What color is the dishwasher?

see answers below


1. It is on the wall.

2. It is next to the sink.

3. It is gray.

4. It is white.

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