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Listening for L and R Sounds

Listen to the video and choose which word you hear. Write down your answers on a piece of paper. Check your answers at the bottom of the page.

Practice Tip: You can also use this list repeatedly with an instructor. Your instructor writes down a list of answers, then speaks the words to you. You write your answers and see if they match. You can also reverse this to check your pronunciation: you write down a set of answers, then speak, and see if your instructor was able to hear you correctly.

Watch Video

Both words will work in each sentence. This is a listening exercise.
Fill in the blanks:

1. There is some ___________________ on the side of the road. (glass / grass)

2. I see a big _______________ over there. (cloud / crowd)

3. She is a great ____________________. (leader / reader)

4. Let's think about the ___________ side of things. (light / right)

5. There is a ________________ in front of the door. (lock / rock)

6. We saw some children __________________. (playing / praying)

7. We took the _______________ way. (long / wrong)

8. I like looking at these ___________________. (flames / frames)

9. She _________________ that very much. (feels / fears)

10. That boy is very _________________. ( wild / wired)

11. The doctor was able to ______________ his heart. (heal / hear)

12. In my dream, he ______________ to me. (appealed / appeared)

13. That is quite a large ________________. (file / fire)

14. We had to buy four new __________________. (tiles / tires)

15. The teacher __________________ the homework. (collected / corrected)

16. There is a __________________ over there. (stall / star)

Review the L Sound: Watch a Video.   Review the R sound: Watch a Video.

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1. glass, 2. cloud, 3. reader, 4. light, 5. rock, 6. praying, 7. long, 8. frames, 9. feels, 10. wired, 11. hear, 12. appealed, 13. fire, 14. tires, 15. collected, 16. stall

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