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English Pronunciation: B and P Sounds

Practice speaking with distinct B and P sounds using the sentences below.

In the first group of sentences, there are two similar words, and the only difference is the B or P. This helps you to say each sound differently even when words like this are close together.

In the second group, there are two sentences in which a similar word with either B or P can be used. You may want to use these sentences to practice with a friend or instructor. You choose a sentence randomly and find out if your listener heard a B or a P. Return to B and P sounds.

Reading Practice

Practice reading these sentences.

1. At the farm, we saw a very big pig.

2. There are many pins in the bin.

3. Your pills are included on this medical bill.

4. He thinks he's the best, but he's actually a pest.

We will have to pay for a ferry to cross the bay.

6. There is a rip in his shirt because he broke his rib.

7. She has pricks on her hand from the bricks.

8. The pirate was blank when he walked the plank.

9. She will blush if you see her plush home.

10. The British man is bound to ask for a pound.
Read each sentence with a B or P word.

a. I walked into the alley and saw a very large mob.
b. I walked into the alley and saw a very large mop.

a. Please hand me that white robe.
b. Please hand me that white rope.

a. I have never seen a black bear.
b. I have never seen a black pear.

a. My cousin loves his yellow cab.
b. My cousin loves his yellow cap.

a. That was the blight of our community.
b. That was the plight of our community.

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