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Advance your English skills by taking one-to-one or group classes in Seattle. One-to-one classes take place at my Northeast Seattle location or online with skype. Schedule a free consultation here. Also, I am teaching some classes in Redmond.

I have been teaching English language skills for over 15 years. I have enjoyed working with many IT professionals, business managers, and medical practitioners. My main focus is to help people speak with confidence. This can involve one or more of the following areas: pronunciation training, conversational grammar, vocabulary building, and idioms study. Additionally, I coach students preparing for the TOEFL and USMLE exams.
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Schedule a free, 10 minute lesson on skype or a 20 minute session in person to discuss the options. One-to-one classes are available online or in-person at the Northeast Seattle location.

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"I took the spoken English class with you in November and  December to appear for the USMLE clinical skills exam. I have passed in that exam. I thank you for your teaching mainly in the pronunciation. It really helped me a lot in making my words clear and understandable,"

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Call 206-915-4618 to discuss class options and choose which is right for you or send an email to admin(at)speakmethod(dot)com.

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