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My Vocabulary: R and L Sounds

Practice speaking with R and L sounds by answering the questions below. Try to use the words with R and L in your answers. Speak slowly--give yourself time to pronounce these sounds clearly.

1. How many rooms are there in your house or apartment? What are they?

2. What do you like to read--books, magazines, websites? Describe something you read recently.

3. Do you have a lot of dreams? What are your dreams like?

4. Do you often print documents or do you try to go paperless?

5. How many years have you lived in the U.S. In what places have you lived?

6. Do you wake up early or sleep late? What do you do early in the morning?

7. If you could find work that involved travelling the world, would you take it? Why or why not?

8. What is one project (for school, work or home) that you plan to start soon?

9. In your town or city, do you live in the north, south or central district?

10. When you go to a restaurant, what is one thing you like to order?

11. Do you have any plants in your house or garden? Are you good at taking care of plants?

12. Do you prefer wooden floors or carpeted floors? Why?

13. Are you a person who likes to help others or are you selfish? Explain.

14. In general, are you a person who likes to follow rules or break rules? Why?

15. Do you like animals? What animals do you often see near your home?

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