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Online Vowels Class: American English

Learn the Sounds and Spellings of A, E, I, O, U with this Online Class

Get Started Now.   *** All lessons include recordings that you can play on your computer. ***

6 Lessons
Lesson 1: Sounds of A the 5 Sounds of the Letter A hat, late, can, star, about
Lesson 2: Sounds of E Short and Long E sounds and pronouncing -ed head, meet, watched, wedded, bagged
Lesson 3: Sounds of I Short and Long I sounds, Y sounds and I with L and R sit, light, fill, fire, cylinder
Lesson 4: Sounds of O Short and Long O sounds, OR sound combinations on, boat, warm, work
Lesson 5: Sounds of U Schwa sound, Long U, Long U with Y sound the, up, boot, cute
Lesson 6: Other Sounds OU, OW, soft Long U sounds down, mountain, good, cook

In the examples, each spelling has one sound. If you are now saying the A sounds in only one or two ways or pronouncing "on," "boat" and "work" with the same O sound, you will learn from this class. If you learned British English as a child, this class will answer many questions for you.

The entire 6 Lesson course is only $5.99!  Get your log-in now.

* All lessons explain spelling rules and exceptions.

* Remember: you will have an audio recording of the words in each lesson. 

* There is no time limit for the course. Review each lesson as long as you want and take the final tests when you are ready.

* This class is best for intermediate to advanced speakers.

When you finish, you will clearly understand American English vowel sounds.