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Seattle English Pronunciation and Grammar Classes

Take in-person classes with an instructor. Focus on English pronunciation, grammar, idioms, test prep (TOEFL or USMLE) or a combination of these. Every class is designed to fill the most important needs of the student. Read about popular courses of study.

* Free 10 minute consultation for new students. *

Here are the regular class options:

.5 or 1 hour only

Meet the instructor. Discuss your English language needs. Get instruction on how to practice.

4 hours

Work on the English pronunciation and/or grammar that you need most.

8, 12 or 18 hours

Set goals with the instructor and create a schedule.
Choose 1 hour a week or more as needed to fit your goals and budget.
Homework is given to students who want to practice between classes.
During the final class, the instructor will review your progress.

Note: if you prefer short, 25 minute classes and monthly payments, read about Basic Online Classes.

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In-person classes take place near the Northgate Mall in Seattle. It is a quiet, home-based office.
For in person classes, you can also pay with cash or check when you come.

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