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Watch the video and read the news for March 28, 2012 to study American English pronunciation.
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How Parents Can Monitor Teen Use of the Internet


Studies show that most teens are not harmed by internet use. On TV, you can see shows on sexual exploitation and online bullying, but in reality, these issues affect less than ten percent of teens. Still, any good parent will monitor teen use of the internet--you never know when that ten percent could include your own child. 

Out of all the online activities, social networking sites seem to hold the most risk. Four out of ten teenagers say that they give out personal information such as a last name, names of parents or the local school.Many teens also misrepresent their age.

To combat these issues, the first rule is to keep your computer in a public place. About 25% of teens say that they have internet access in their bedrooms which is not a good idea. Also, find out if your child has a web page, and if so, take a look at it. Talk to your child about general rules for social networking sites which are usually posted on the sites. For instance, the rules on MySpace include "do not make it easy for a stranger to find you." Lastly, remember that you cannot monitor your teen's use of the internet completely. Your teen goes online in public libraries and at school. Be sure you maintain a trusting relationship with your son or daughter.

Answer the questions about T sound pronunciation. Look at the words above in bold.

1. What words use a regular T sound?
2. What words or phrases have a T that sounds like D?
3. What words have a T that is silent?
4. What words or phrases have a stopped T sound?

Bonus question: What is the pronunciation of "social" and "usual?"

see answers at the bottom of the page

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Connecting Vowel Sounds


1. teens, sites, posted, maintain, trusting

2. but in, reality, monitor, out of, computer, not a, at it, daughter

3. internet, twenty-five

4. percent, networking, misrepresent, combat, not, completely, at school

Bonus: social = so-shul, usual = yoo-zhoo-wul ("zh" is a softer, vibrating form of "sh," the "w" connects the vowel sounds)

* Note: there are other reduced T sounds in the news report. The words in bold were chosen to make the exercise clear. You may want to listen again to think about the other words with T sounds.

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