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R Sounds: Business Words

Words with R in the middle: 

amorous: relating to or showing love

austere: very bare, bleak, simple

belligerent: ready to fight, war-like

brazen: excessively bold

discreet: prudent, done in a quiet way

differentiate: to distinguish, to make different

erroneous: in error

extricate: to remove from, get away from

invariable: not changing

meritorious: deserving praise

notoriety: known in bad regard, infamy


Words with the first letter R:

radiant: bright, beaming

rancid: rotten, spoiled

recalcitrant: defiant

recalibrate: to adjust, make corrections

rectify: to set right, correct

refrain: to hold oneself back  

reiterate: to repeat

relish: to enjoy very much

renovate: to restore, return to original state

reprehensible: deserving criticism

repulsive: disgusting

retaliation: revenge, punishment

retract: withdraw, take back

retribution: vengeance, revenge

revel: to enjoy

ruddy: having a healthy, reddish color

ruse: a trick 

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