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Build your R sound by reading this practice story.

R Word list
refugee, nonprofit, organization, services, proposals, creates, promotional, materials, electronic, multicultural, groups, recruit, formatting, order, network, various, profitable, inter-relationships, similar, provide, information, international, year, CD-Rom, resources, coordinated, several, backgrounds, large, fund-raising, project, center, instruction, computer, world wide web, universities, grow up, programming, promote, awareness

Refugee Office

1. Rose works with a nonprofit organization that helps refugees find housing, ESL services and employment. She coauthors proposals and creates promotional materials on the organization’s web page.                         

2. She sends a lot of electronic mail to multicultural groups that may recruit refugees for employment. She spends many hours formatting electronic ads in order to network with various groups around the city.

3. She enjoys building profitable inter-relationships with similar refugee groups and employment services. Many of her documents provide basic information about refugees and international issues.  

4. One of Rose’s new networking tools for the upcoming year will be a CD-Rom with refugee stories and interactive resources that help people to imagine living conditions in refugee camps. For this project, she coordinated with several coworkers who had refugee backgrounds.

5. The CD-Rom is a first step in a larger fund-raising project to fund a large center that refugees could access. This center would provide instruction in ESL skills and computer resources.  

6. Though many refugees have limited educational backgrounds, they need to understand the World Wide Web and what it will mean to their children. Many refugees push their children to succeed and attend universities.

7. Some of these kids will grow up and learn basic programming languages. They will promote awareness about refugees through the online international community.

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