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Advanced ESL: English Pronunciation of S and Z

Pronounce the underlined S’s with a Z sound.  Review S and Z English pronunciation rules first if you need to do this.

Losing Your Way

1.  Driving is difficult in a new city because interstate signs can be confusing.

2.  If you’re blocked by traffic and in the wrong lane, you can be forced to go south instead of north.  Then you have to worry about turning around.

3.  My husband used to live in San Francisco.  He moved to Seattle and we met soon after that.

4.  My husband says the interstate signs in San Francisco are much better than the signs in Seattle.

5.  I don’t think signs are the problem, though.  I think it’s harder to drive here because of the hills and the narrow streets.

6.  Whenever we go to visit Portland or Western Washington, I immediately notice how much more open the land is

7.  It is easy to drive around the rest of the state.  Interstates are simple and the towns are fairly small.

Questions: Speak your answers and try to use correct S and Z sounds.

1.  Do you drive?  If so, how do you like your car?  If not, how do you commute?

2.  How is the traffic where you live?  Describe it in some detail.

3.  Do you think the street signs are well done?  Why or why not?

Advanced Reading 2

Slippery Times

1.  Have you even fallen flat on your back because of ice?

2.  In winter, it is so easy to slip when the streets get coated with a layer of ice.  It is especially easy if you do not live in a place that has harsh winters.  In that case, you wouldn’t have the right shoes.

3.  A lot of people get small injurie
s because they fall so hard when they slip.  Sometimes these injuries take months or even years to heal completely.

4.  One time, I slipped and fell flat on my back.  For some minutes I could not move.  At first, I could not breathe.

5.  Soon I was O.K.  I was only twenty-two, so my bones healed easily.

6.  Now I am very careful when it i
s icy.  And I have a pair of good shoes for those days.


1.  Describe one time when you slipped or fell.  Describe it in detail.  If this has never happened to you, imagine an event or describe something that happened to someone you know.

2.  What pre-cautions do you take now to prevent a similar accident?  If describing a friend or imaginary event, imagine what precautions you would take.  Use detail.

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