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Advanced ESL: English Pronunciation Continued Practice of S and Z

Pronounce underlined S's with a Z sound. Review S and Z English pronunciation rules.

Conversation 1

Two friends are talking.

Patricia: I think I’m coming down with something.  I started sneezing yesterday for no reason. 

Becky:  There’s a bad flu going around.  You should go to bed for the day.

Patricia: You think so?  I’m not sick yet. 

Becky: I can usually sleep off the flu before it gets bad.  But I have to sleep a lot right after I get the first symptoms.

Patricia: Interesting.  Maybe I’ll try that! 

Becky: Why not?  Watch some movies and take it easy!

Conversation 2

Two brothers are meeting on a holiday.

Paul: Good to see you again.  How long has it been? 

Greg: Six months, I guess.  How’s your family?

Paul: Everyone’s good.  My wife decided to home-school our youngest. 

Greg: Really?  Is that difficult?

Paul: Oh yeah.  It’s time-consuming for her.  She’ll try to put him back in regular school next year. 

Greg: So why the choice to home-school? 

Paul: The teacher this year was terrible and there was no way to transfer him to another class. 

Greg: That’s no good.  The school should have been more flexible.   


Further Notes for Study

S at the end: Many people struggle with the S at the end of plural words.  It is very necessary to make this sound.  You cannot skip it without causing difficulty for the listener.  You can practice by reading any book out loud for 20 minutes per day and be sure to sound out all final S’s.  Many people struggle because the sound feels unnatural.  By practicing for 20 minutes a day, you will become accustomed to it.

S or Z ??? Still unsure which is which? Say "iz." Now say "is" with the S sound used in "slip." Any time you are uncertain, try saying the word with both sounds. This will help you hear the difference.

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