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Small Talk 2: More Weather

These conversations show basic weather-related small talk that can be used at the office. Small talk is a good way of building relationships in any business environment.

Hot and Humid

Bob: Hello. Good to see you.

Jane: Hi. You look hot. Is it hot outside now?

Bob: Very hot. And it’s humid too.

Jane: Really? It isn’t usually humid at this time of year.

Bob: It’s terrible. You step outside and you feel it immediately.

Jane: I guess I’m glad to be stuck at my desk then.

Bob: It’s a good day to be inside!

Jane: Do you know what tomorrow’s supposed to be like?

Bob: No, I haven’t checked the weather yet.

Jane: I hope it’s less humid.


Foggy Day

Jane: Did you see the fog this morning?

Bob: Yeah. It was really bad. I could barely see the road when I was driving in my neighborhood.

Jane: I know. I pulled over for a minute and thought about staying home for an hour. I don’t like driving in the fog!

Bob: Yeah. It’s no fun if you’re not used to it.

Jane: It did clear up, though, during the commute.

Bob: Do you come from the north or the south?

Jane: I come from the north.

Bob: Me too. I noticed it was clearing up on the bridge.

Jane. Yeah. That’s what I mean. It was much better then.

Bob: I saw that it was gone by 10am.



Bob: Did you hear about the hurricane on the east coast?

Jane: Yeah. I heard the winds were really strong.

Bob: There was a lot of damage. I have some family in North Carolina.

Jane: Oh—were they in the area during the hurricane?

Bob: Yeah, they stayed home. North Carolina gets a lot of hurricanes.

Jane: Did they lose any property or anything?

Bob: No, they didn’t. But their neighbors had a large tree fall onto their fence. Everyone lost power for a few days too.

Jane: I’ve never been in a hurricane. I’d be scared if I heard the wind outside.

Bob: As long as the wind isn’t too hard, it isn’t so bad. You have to have candles ready, though.

Jane: It must be hard to be without power for a few days.

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