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How to Speak Casual English: Reducing T + Y in a Conversation

Now practice reducing phrases where T is the last letter and Y is the first letter of the next word. Remember this happens naturally in common combinations such as "what you," "about your" or "thought you." Also try to reduce T sounds when needed--for example, the T in "what" is a D sound in "what about." Review the rules for reducing T + Y in casual speech. Review T sounds.

John: So glad we can have lunch. It's been a long time!

Bill: Yeah. How've you been?

John: Well, I've been O.K. What about you?

Bill: All right. I know that your mother's sick. Is she doing better?

John: Unfortunately not, but of course she's 85, so it's harder to recover at that age.

Bill: Well, if there's anything that you need, just let me know.

John: Actually, I do need your advice, but it's not about my mother. My daughter is thinking about going back to school to get her second master's degree. I thought you would know if that's a good idea.

Bill: If this is about your financial situation, I don't think that you should pay for it. She already has one master's degree that you paid for.

John: Well, I knew that you'd be the voice of reason! But you're better at saying no to your kids. How do I break the news?

Bill: Just tell her that you have a master's degree limit: one masters per child.

John: What if she changes it to a Ph.D.?

Bill: Tell her that you also have a Ph.D. rule: any person old enough to get one can pay for it.

John: Wow, you're tough!

* "the voice of reason" is an idiom that means one who has practical, reasonable ideas
** "break the news" is an idiom that means to give news when it is unpleasant or unexpected

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