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How to Speak Casual English: Reducing And, Or, For and Your

In these small, common words, we often take out the vowel sound. This can improve your stress because reducing these small words will naturally cause the words near them (the more important nouns and verbs) to be stressed.Remember to let the reduced words flow into the next ones.

Use the sentences below to practice reducing these words. This try this practice conversation. Review rules of casual speech.

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Written English     

Spoken English

I have a dog and a cat.
I have a dog 'n a cat.

She has excellent accounting skills, and she's a good manager.
She has excellent accounting skills 'n she's a good manager.

I'm going shopping for some paper and ink.
I'm going shopping fr some paper 'n ink.

We need to buy some gifts and holiday supplies.
We need to buy some gifts 'n holiday supplies.

Do you like your steak rare, medium or well-done?
Do you like yr steak rare, medium, 'r well-done?

Are you a vegan or a vegetarian?
Are you a vegan 'r a vegetarian?

Are you on contract or are you a full-time employee?
Are you on contract 'r are you a full-time employee?

Would you like soup or salad?
Would you like soup 'r salad?

This song is for all the little children.
This song is fr all the little children.

These flowers are for the newly married couple.
These flowers are fr the newly married couple.

Congratulations! It's your birthday!
Congratulations! It's yr birthday!

You can do your homework after school.
You can do yr homework after school.

This is your big chance!
This is yr big chance!

* Note: we do not reduce "for" when it is the last word, as in "what is this for?" Of course, there are always times when we do not reduce too. If someone wants to emphasize choice, the word "or" might be stressed. We reduce these words when they are unimportant, little words in the middle of a sentence.

This try this practice conversation using and, or, for and your.

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