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How to Speak Casual English: Using And, Or, For and Your in Conversation

Now practice using these words in conversaion. Try to use other rules of casual speech when needed. Review the rules for and, or, for and your and the rules for casual speech.

: Hey, sis. I'm hoping you can help me and my fiancÚ with our wedding plans.

Carol: How much help do you need?

Ted: We already have our guest list, and we've hired a flower shop for the bouquet and the corsages. We were hoping for your help with the reception.

Carol: O.K. Where do we start? Did you decide on music or caterers yet?

Ted: My friend has volunteered to DJ and he'll bring some good dance music. My
fiancÚ wants jazz and I want rock 'n roll.

Carol: Your friend plans to play both?

Ted: We can start with jazz and then do rock 'n roll or we can combine both all night. What do you think?

Carol: I'd opt for a combination if your friend's really good at mixing music. As to the food, are you aiming for gourmet or home-style?

Ted: We really can't decide. Any thoughts on that?

Carol: Well, it's an important day, so I'd go with gourmet and include some classics, like a basic chicken dish and a vegetarian lasagna so that everyone's happy.

Ted: Your wedding was great--beautiful and fun at the same time. I knew you'd have some good ideas!

Carol: Thanks! I'm sure your reception will be a lot of fun too.

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