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How to Speak Casual English: Last and First Letter

If a word ends in a letter and the next word begins with the same letter, Americans usually speak that sound one time. Use the chart below to practice with different sounds. If T comes after N, it can be silent, and if the next word starts with N, this rule will work.

Notice that even with S and Z or D and T combinations can be almost one sound. However, with these, there are two sounds that blend when spoken together quickly. This is indicated with parenthesis () below.

After practicing with the sentences in the chart, try this conversation. Review rules of casual speech.

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Written English     

Spoken English

That's the last time I'm going to her house.
That's the lastime I'm going to her house.

Today, he drove a car for the first time.
Today, he drove a car for the firstime.

With their help, we can finish the project.
Witheir help, we can finish the project.

He'll never rest until he achieves his dream.
He'll neverest until'e achieves'iz dream. *

We're really sorry about that.
Wereally sorry about that.

She's practicing her back kick in karate.
She's practicing'r backick in karate. *

That was so funny, I could laugh for hours.
That wu(z)so funny, I could lafur hours.

Please stop playing the loud music.
Please stoplaying the loud music.

She won't know the test results until Monday.
She wono the test results until Monday.

We had a bad time at our friend's party. We had a ba(d)time ad'our friend's party.

I need to check on the baby.
I nee(d)t'check on the baby.

He has such a good attitude.

He ha(z)such u good'aditude.
I don't know what to say.
I dunno wut'say.

Practice: Think of five more combinations from common phrases that you often use. For instance, if you say "so" or "such" a lot of the time, you can think of words that end in S.

* In this sentence, the pronouns will reduce. Review removing H in pronouns.

Now that you have studied this rule, try this conversation with the last letter and first letter combinations.

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