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How to Speak Casual English: Conversation with Last Letter - First Letter Rule

Now practice this rule with a conversation. Remember that you can speak the sound one time if it comes at the end of one word and the beginning of the next. Try to use other rules of casual speech when needed. Review the rules for speaking the last letter and first letter and the rules for casual speech.

Meredith: Hi, Jack. How are your babies doing?

Jack: They're doing fine. It's our first time with babies, so me and my wife are doing our best.

Meredith: It must be hard dealing with twins, but it's so special.

Jack: Yeah. Sometimes we have no idea what to do with them, but they're wonderful.

Meredith: They're really amazing. I'm sure they'll always be best friends.

Jack: Yesterday my father was playing with them on the floor of our living room, and he was so happy.

Meredith: It must've been great to see him like that.

Jack: It was! You have a son in elementary school, don't you? Are you happy with that school? Our kids might go there too.

Meredith: I haven't had any issues, but take your time and do some research. These days, it's best to choose schools carefully.

Jack: You're right!

* "Was so" is underlined because "was" has a Z sound, so the Z and S blend in this phrase.

** You may notice that in phrases with T as a last letter and TH as the first letters, these sounds appear to be spoken one time. In fact, there is a stopped T and then a TH, but you can make a stopped T sound by putting your tongue in the TH position which stops the sound just before the TH. This is how Americans speak this combination quickly.

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