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How to Speak Casual English: Using NT + Vowel in a Conversation

Now practice using a silent T in the NT + vowel combinations. Try to use other rules of casual speech when needed. Review the rules for reducing "nt" and the rules for casual speech.

Jeff: Hi, Martha. I heard that you have to leave work early. What's the problem?

Martha: The school called. My son is six years old, and he's having a tough day at school.

Jeff: Did something happen?

Martha: Well, our doctor recently put him on a gluten-free diet. It means he can't eat a lot of things. He's a little confused about what to eat, but he's also shy. He won't ask his teachers for help.

Jeff: So what happened today?

Martha: There was a small party at the school, and he started crying and saying that he can't eat anything.

Jeff: Is the diet really that strict?

Martha: No. I don't enforce it absolutely. He's upset 'cause he's a kid, and it's a big change for him.

Jeff: That is tough. I hope I won't ever have to go on a restricted diet.

Martha: Me too.

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