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How to Speak Casual English: Dropped H in Pronouns

Americans often drop the H in the pronouns he, his, him and her. This is because the basic information is understood--the listener knows that the sentence is about a man or woman. Americans do this when speaking casually about half the time. It is unconscious--most people do not even realize they are dropping the H. Practicing this rule can improve your listening abilities.

Use the sentences below to practice removing the H in pronouns. Notice that the S in "his" is actually a Z sound (it's the same in "is"). The pronunciation of reduced "he" is written with "ee" because this does need to be a long E sound. Review rules of casual speech.

After practicing with the sentences below, try this conversation.

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Written English     

Spoken English

What's his name? or What's her name?
What's'iz name?   What's'er name?

What did he do?
What did'ee do?

How did he do that?
How did'ee do that?

What if he comes early?
Wha'di'fee comes early?

Who is he working for?
Who iz'ee working for?

Where did he go?
Where did'ee go?

I like working with him.
I like working with'im.

That's his office.
That's'iz office.

That's her desk.
That's'er desk.

How did her interview go?
How did'er interview go?

What day is her birthday?
What day iz'er birthday?

How is her son doing?
How iz'er son doing?

* "What's'iz name" and "what's'er name" are often used as nouns when a person's name is forgotten. For example:
I have to meet what's'er name later today--that woman from Human Resources.

Now practice reducing H in this conversation with pronouns.

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