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How to Speak Casual English: Reduce "To"

Americans like to reduce this common word. Basically, we remove the vowel sound. There will still be a small sound that naturally occurs--this is the simple sound of the U in Up. The reduced "to" is very American. It is used in both formal and informal speech. At the top of the chart, you will see that this reduction even happens inside the words "today" and "tomorrow."

Use the sentences below to practice reducing "to." Use other reduced sound rules as needed. For instance, you can reduce "or" in the first sentence. Then get more practice with this conversation. Review rules of casual speech

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Written English     

Spoken English

Are you going today or tomorrow?
Are you going t'day or t'morrow?

I crossed it off my to do list.
I crossed it off my t'do list.

He doesn't have anything to do.
He doesn't have anything t'do.

I'm going to the store.
I'm going t'the store.

She's going to work.
She's going t'work.

Do you know when he plans to leave?
Do you know when he plans t'leave?

I'd like to walk in this neighborhood.
I'd like t'walk in the neighborhood.

She's switching to another phone service.
She's switching t'another phone service.

We need to remember that for next time.
We need t'remember that for next time.

He's going to the other doctor.
He's going t'the doctor.

I'd love to meet your mother.
I'd love t'mee'chr mother. *

She's going to sleep.
She's going t'sleep.

When will he speak to the manager?
When will'ee speak t'the manager? **

Practice: Use the word "to" and list 5 things that you need to do today.

* In this sentence, the T and Y rule also works.
** In this sentence, the reduced pronouns rule applies.

Now get more practice with this conversation using "to."

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