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How to Speak Casual English: Using "To" in a Conversation

Now practice reducing "to" in the conversation below. You can say only "t" during the conversation or you can also change T to D when that rule applies. Review the rules for reducing "to" and the rules for changing "to" to a D sound.

Tim: Congratulations on getting married! Where do you plan to go on your honeymoon?

Beth: We're going to travel for a month. We plan to leave for Hawaii next week. After that, we will fly to Costa Rica. From there, we will travel to Mexico.

Tim: Sounds fun! Are you planning to go scuba diving?

Beth: I wanted to go, but my new husband's afraid of sharks.

Tim: But aren't the touristy places designed to be safe?

Beth: I know I told him not to be so paranoid, but he's still not ready. He's not as used to swimming as I am, so he doesn't feel as comfortable in the water.

Tim: You'll have to lie on the beach then. That's not so bad.

Beth: Yeah, we plan to lie on the beach a lot. But he also wants to go ziplining. I'm trying to decide if I can handle that.

Tim: You should try to go. People say that's a lot of fun.

Beth: Yeah, except I like to look down and see ground under my feet. I'm as afraid of heights as he is of sharks!

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