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How to Speak Casual English: Use Y or W to Connect Vowel Sounds

You can use Y or W to connect vowel sounds within or between words. Use Y after a long I or long E sound. Use W after a long O or long U sound. Notice that a long E or I sound is often spelled with Y and a long O sound is often spelled OW. Practice with the following conversation. You can also try out this word list on connecting vowel sounds. Review the rules for casual speech.

John: We're going to create some new educational software.

Kathy: Do you know anyone who's created similar software?

John: No, let's develop memory assistance tools so that people rely on our site.

Kathy: That's a great idea, but I don't know if we can do that without a lot of research. We have to make sure that what we do isn't being done already.

John: But won't we create something original if we don't know about what others are doing?

Kathy: No, I don't think so. According to the law, ignorance is no excuse.

John: So if we want to be sure that our idea's original, we have to do a lot of research.

Kathy: Yeah, and maybe if we do our research carefully, we'll discover a great, new niche in the marketplace.

John: O.K. Let's divide the work so that we aren't wasting time. Let's write a thorough list of search terms and split it in half to get started.

Kathy: That's a great way to cooperate.

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