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Syllable Stress: Business Words in Conversation

Now practice speaking with good syllable stress using the conversation below. Review syllable stress business words.

Two coworkers are discussing a project.

John: Our managers want the team to meet this Thursday. We have to discuss the new project and marketing strategy.

Amy: Well, I hope it's a motivational meeting. Nobody seems to be communicating well lately. I think everyone is wondering if our project is financially sound.

John: I know. I think they plan to facilitate more open communication. Hopefully, our work process can improve.

Amy: Yeah, everyone has to communicate better. I saw an article online, and it said that our company is not competing that well in the marketplace. I had to wonder if I shouldn't apply for a new job.

John: Don't say that too loud! I also heard a rumor that another corporation is interested in buying us out.

Amy: Hmm. At least that would motivate some people. I don't think the current advertising plan is smart at all. It's hard to act interested when it seems like the managers are making all the wrong choices.

John: We both survived last year's layoffs, though. If the company manages to profit during the next financial quarter, I think our jobs will be very secure.

Amy: Don't worry. I'm not applying anywhere yet.

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