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English Pronunciation: Th Sound Stories

Practice speaking the 2 TH Sounds with these stories. The stories are at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level.
Review TH Sounds Introduction.

Spring Baby

1. This woman has a new baby.

2. Her name is Ruth.

3. The baby’s name is Theo.

4. Ruth buys many things for Theo.

5. When she is at the drugstore, she buys this and that.

6. When she is at the mall, she buys this and that.

7. Theo’s date of birth is May 6, 2009.

8. Ruth wanted Theo’s birthday to happen in Spring.

9. Ruth’s favorite month is May.

10. Theo is her first baby.

The Office 

1. This is a downtown office.

2. It is Thursday.

3. There are many people at the office.

4. There is a long line of people.

5. It is a doctor’s office.

6. This doctor is expensive.

7. In the months of January and February, he is cheap.

8. He helps poor people in the winter months.

9. There is a stethoscope around his neck.

10. There is a pen in his shirt pocket.

The Dentist

1. This woman has very bad teeth. She brushes her teeth a lot, but she likes chocolate and sugary drinks.

2. She is always seeing the dentist. This is because the dentist  always finds cavities during her checkups.

3. Over the years, she also had several root canals. She did not put caps on the teeth because she could not afford them.

4. The dental insurance plans usually cover $1,500, if that much. $1,500 is the total needed for both a root canal and a cap for one tooth.

5. She even had one tooth removed because it was so rotten. They gave her a lot of painkillers and yanked the tooth from her mouth.

6. She does not like all these tooth problems. Anyway, she is thankful that she lives in an age of painkillers and clean offices!

Taking the Bus

1.  This family takes the bus every day. They take the bus to their English class.

2. These are the adults in the family. They are between thirty and fifty years old.

3. Every day they take bus number three. They get on the bus and think.

4. They look at all the other people. People are wearing everything from thick jackets to thin hats.

5. It is autumn and the weather is changing. It is difficult to choose a jacket that is not too thick and not too thin.

6. Many people wear several shirts in the morning. Then they take off one or two shirts when the sun is high in the sky. 


1. People have many theories about gardening. For some people, gardening means getting rid of thorns, thistles and weeds. It means having a clean, easy yard.

2. Other people love the roses with their thorny branches. The rose bushes have to be cut back every year. Cutting back means getting to know the rose thorns.  

3. Some people enjoy a wild garden. They like tall flowers in many colors and they think tall grass is beautiful. They don’t mind thistles, as long as the thistles are not on the garden paths.

4. There are also different theories about the seasons, especially summer. Some people like to let the grass turn brown during summer months. They think it looks natural and saves water. 

5. Others want green grass all summer and water the lawn all the time. This means they have to mow the grass and trim the bushes throughout the summer.

6. Some people garden thoroughly and notice every weed, while other people garden once or twice a month. All homeowners have to choose the gardening theory that works for them.

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