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TOEFL Vocabulary: R and L Cont.

Build your vocabulary, prepare for the exam and perfect your understanding of American English pronunciation. This is your all-in-one guide. You can use these words to excel on the TOEFL exam or just to improve your language skills.

R Words: Middle/End

1. severe--very bad

2. sporadic--happening off and on, happening at different and and unpredictable times

3 superior--better than others

4. disregard--to pay no attention to, to not care about

5. trap--to lock in a closed space, to do this with ideas or words

6. prone--lying flat on one's back

7. proportions--size in relation to each other, ie. proportions of a person's body

8. characteristic--trait, a way that a person or thing is

9. striking--something that catches the eye

10. predominant--having the highest quality or regard over other people or things that are similar

11. narrate--to tell a story

Vocabulary Story: R in the Middle or End

The woman had a severe backache that troubled her sporadically. She worked as an advertising agent and felt herself superior to others. She showed disregard toward anyone in a service profession such as a waitor or office assistant. When her back troubled her, she had to lie prone, and she felt horribly trapped in that condition. Her proportions showed the cause of her pain. She had an overly large head and a small, thin neck. The pressure on the neck caused the back pain. She also had a characteristic habit of walking around with her head bent slightly forward. It was a striking characteristic; everyone noticed. Though she was predominant in the company, few people respected her. If she had narrated her own story, however, she might have told it differently than I did.

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