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TOEFL Vocabulary: More R and L

Build your vocabulary, prepare for the exam and perfect your understanding of American English pronunciation. This is your all-in-one guide. You can use these words to excel on the TOEFL exam or just to improve your language skills. At the bottom of the page, there is a free online practice test.

Definitions: R and L

1. tranquility--peace, ease, contentment

2. controversial--at issue, something people are arguing about

3. particular--specific, an important person, thing or detail

4. profoundly--in a way that a person feels deeply or spiritually

5. briefly--quickly

6. discernible--understandable or able to be figured out

7. parallel--two things at equal distance from each other continuously

8. periodically--from time to time

9. overlook--to not observe by accident or intentionally

10. practical--common, making common sense, of middle monetary value

11. partially--partly, about one part

Vocabulary Story: R and L

The husband and wife's relationship was full of tranquility. They never discussed controversial issues. If a particular issue was on all the news reports, they chose not to talk about it. They both profoundly felt that political issues did not need to enter their relationship. Sometimes, while having dinner, one of them would briefly mention an issue. If it was easily discernible, they would talk about it for a few minutes. If they saw that their opposing opinions were as solid as a pair of parallel lines, they would change the subject. Periodically they argued a little bit, but it was so infrequent as to be overlooked. They were very practical people. They lived each day as well as they could, and if they were partially dissatisfied, they chose not to notice.

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