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TOEFL Vocabulary: Adjectives 3

Even More Second Syllable Stress: pronounce all of these words by stressing the second syllable.

Contemporary: having to do with modern times, about the present times

My father loves to read old books, but I like the contemporary books. I want to know what is popular now.

Conventional: formal or expected, having to do with customs, normalcy

He had a very conventional approach to parenting. He did not approve of his teenagers dating until they were twenty-one.

Determined: wanting to accomplish something

I may not have a lot of work experience, but I am always determined to learn new things and do well.

Disruptive: creating difficulty, getting in the way of something

The boy was disruptive during his high school class. He talked loudly while the teacher tried to speak, and eventually, he was sent out of the room.

Haphazzard: not planned, disorganized

Unfortunately, the city was planned in a haphazzard way. Many people never go downtown, but do all their shopping in the northern district.

Practice 1: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. My niece is both competitive and _______________. I am sure she will attend a top university.

2. She realized she was being _______________ when the manager stared at her angrily.

3. They both like music from the 1920's, but they also like ___________________ music, stuff from recent years.

4. His office is arranged in a very _______________ way. It's a wonder he gets anything done.

5. Sometimes a ______________________ attitude helps peole avoid trouble, since they are doing what is normal.

Even More Second Syllable Stress: pronounce all of these words by stressing the second syllable.

Ideal: perfect, exactly as one wants

She was looking for the ideal marriage. That's why she divorced 4 times.

Immense: very big, massive

The Pacific ocean is immense and difficult to cross without a large boat.

Persistent: trying hard, not giving up

His persistent effort was noticed by everyone. He never gave up.

Ongoing: continuous, not stopping

This sickness has been ongoing, and I'm getting tired of it.

Unique: one of a kind, original

We found a unique restaurant. They have food from Africa, Eastern Europe and China.

Practice 2: Complete the sentences. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. The stadium was _______________________. It could seat 500,000 people.

2. I thought the sweater was ________________. It was hand-woven by an artist from South America.

3. The salesman was _________________. He knocked on the door three times.

4. I think it is the _________________ holiday vacation plan. That island is warm, sunny and beautiful.

5. She suffers from an _____________ headache. Though it gets better at times, she has a headache all day long, every day.

Stress the 3rd Syllable:

Energetic: having a lot of energy, being active

His energetic attitude helped the team to move forward with the project.

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Practice 1: determined, 2. disruptive, 3. contemporary, 4. haphazzard, 5. conventional
Practice 2: 1. immense, 2. unique, 3. persistent, 4. ideal, 5. ongoing

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