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TOEFL Vocabulary: Verbs 2

TOEFL Vocabulary: Stress the 1st Syllable of These Verbs. Study, then practice below.

cultivate: to help something grow, to put effort into developing something

He is cultivating his garden quite well. The flowers are beautiful.
She cultivates a positive attitude toward her work, even though it can be difficult.

dictate: 1. to speak while another writes down, 2. to have absolute authority

He dictates his emails to his aunt because he is blind.
The tyrant dictates the rules that everyone has to follow.

harvest: to collect food that is ripe and ready to eat, to symbolically collect something that one has put effort into creating

The farmers finally harvested their crop after several threatening weather changes.

mirror: to act in likeness to another person or thing

The plot of her new book exactly mirrors the plot of her previous book.

shed: to remove an outer layer physically or symbolically

Our cat sheds her coat every summer. The fur gets everywhere!
He decided to shed his old ideas and look at the project with new eyes.

tempt: to invite or encourage bad, unhealthy behavior

At the cafe, I was very tempted to buy a sugary cookie, but I chose the small bag of nuts.

Fill in the word:

1. Does he ______________ the rules at this office or is it more democratic?
2. Were you ___________ to try the desert?
3. If you ______________ his healthy lifestyle, you will feel the benefits.
4. She always ___________ good relationships with her coworkers.
5. He needs to _____________ quite a few pounds before he will look normal again.
6. We _______________ seeds from our sunflowers last week.

TOEFL Vocabulary: Stress the 2nd Syllable of These Verbs. Study, then practice below.

annoy: to do little things that make another person unhappy, with or without knowing it

The girl annoyed her little brother by playing music every morning at 6am.]

anticipate: to expect/predict that something will happen

He anticipated that customs would take half an hour, but it only took 15 minutes.

appeal: to ask very politely, almost to beg, 2. to request something a 2nd time after the 1st attempt failed

He appealed to her sense of right and wrong, and encouraged her to do the right thing.
They appealed his case to a higher court.

confirm: to show/state that something is certain

I scheduled our meeting for 10am tomorrow. Please confirm your participation by the end of today.
The website confirmed our reservation.

Filll in the word:

1. They will __________ the appointment by email.
2. The terrible language used by the boy on the bus really _________ me.
3. I think we can _______________ good results. Everything has been good so far.
4. She __________ to my sense of justice, but I don't think she wants the right thing.


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1st Syllable Verb Answers: 1. dictate, 2. tempted, 3. mirror, 4. cultivates, 5. shed, 6. harvested
2nd Syllable Verb Answers: 1. confirm, 2. annoyed, 3. anticipate, 4. appealed

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